82: Horse Jizz: Infinity War

This may be our longest episode to date! derailment and digression is the name of the game as the gang tries like hell to muddle through news, trailers and reviews of Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad, and netflix original Stranger Things. May God have mercy on our souls.

Pod in, click in, or tap in, and listen to their takes on everything from Japanese Xenophobia, to how Isaac has no fucking clue as to what rural Indianans were listening to in 1983. Thank you for listening to the SacCast MoviePod. #Skwad


Show Notes

Vice DDR Doc
Sausage Party Controversy 
Jared Leto shits on Suicide Squad
David Fincher rumored for WWZ 2
Ocean’s 11 all female Reboot
Big LeBowski Dies at 85 
Sea of Trees trailer
Bad Santa 2 Trailer
Arrival trailer

Reviewed Films

Jason Bourne
Suicide Squad
Stranger Things

Song of the ‘Sode

Theme from Stranger Things by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Buy)

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Isaac Does he even have one?