81: Trailer Trade Show

Isaac and Clancy go rogue and hijack an entire episode to talk exclusively about recent trailers. It’s just like the olden tymes, before perpetual special guests Boyd and Adam 2 came on board!

Pod in, click in, or tap in, and listen to their takes on everything from white guys in ancient China, to how there may be a decent Ben Affleck movie on the horizon. Thank you for listening to the SacCast MoviePod.


Show Notes

Justice League trailer
Great Wall trailer
Constance Wu response to Great Wall
The Greasy Strangler trailer
Don’t Think Twice trailer
White Girl trailer
XXX: The Return of Xander Cage trailer
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword trailer
The Accountant trailer
League of Gods trailer

Song of the ‘Sode

Olde Tyme feature presentation fanfare

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Isaac Does he even have one?