80: 50 Possible Universes

The gang discusses News, trailers, Ghostbusters and Star Trek, while Isaac refuses to edit out a bathroom break.

Pod in, click in, or tap in, and listen to their takes on everything from the validity of Chris Pratt as an action star, to how the problems with Ghostbusters has nothing to do with gender. Thank you for listening to the SacCast MoviePod.


Show Notes

Kirsten Dunst to Direct
Divergent to be T.V. series?
Warcraft getting a sequel because of China
Takei not impressed with Gay Sulu
Cracked article about Roddenberry
Assassin’s Creed and admitted cash grab
Kong: Skull Island trailer
Wonder Woman trailer
Magnificent 7 trailer

Reviewed Films

Star Trek: Beyond
Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Song of the ‘Sode

I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses (Buy)

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Isaac Does he even have one?