19: Isaacsploitation

By isaac 5 years ago

Isaac pays his respects to Roger Ebert while Clancy and Adam 2 talk trailers with “Only God Forgives and “Elysium” The guys talk “Life of Pi“, “Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack” and reveal the first entry in the SacDance film fest

Pod in, click in, or tap in, and listen to their takes on everything from three way sex amidst a robofish attack to how rape threats can be funny. Thank you for listening to the SacCast MoviePod.


Show Notes

Only God Forgives trailer
Elysium trailer
Ebert’s North Review                                                                                                                                           Matt Damon’s Water.org promos
Jane Got A Gun Follow up

Mentioned Films (etc.)

“Your Movie Sucks” by Roger Ebert (Amazon)
Drive (IMDB) (Amazon)
District 9 (IMDB) (Amazon)
Crying Fist (IMDB) (Amazon)
Life of Pi (IMDB) (Amazon)
Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (Trailer) (import DVD)
Welcome to the Dollhouse (IMDB) (Amazon)
Happiness (IMDB) (Amazon)

Song of the ‘Sode

Doris by Shellac (T&G Records) (Youtube)

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